Emergency Solar Powered Tactical Flashlight - 9-in-1 Multi Function Ultra-Bright Flashlight With Safety Hammer Seat Belt Cutter Compass For Hiking Camping

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Emergency situations require reliable tools, and the HaloXT 9-in-1 Multi-Function Solar-Powered Tactical Flashlight is designed to meet your needs. With its ultra-bright flashlight and three different light modes, including high and low settings, strobe, and SOS flasher, you will always have the right amount of light. You can charge the flashlight for free using the 50 mAh solar panel built right into the handle, which can be drained down and charged up thousands of times. Additionally, you can "fast charge" the flashlight using the included micro-USB cord, which can be plugged into your computer, USB car charger, or wherever you charge your phone.


The HaloXT also features a 2000 mAh battery that can power your other USB-compatible devices in a pinch. Anything that charges via USB will work with your flashlight, simply use the cord that came with that device. The flashlight also includes built-in survival tools such as a seatbelt and rope splitter, glass-breaking hammer, and rugged compass, making it an essential tool for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.


In summary, the HaloXT 9-in-1 Multi-Function Solar-Powered Tactical Flashlight is a reliable and versatile tool that is designed with your survival in mind. With its solar panel, USB charging capabilities, and built-in survival tools, you can be confident that you have the right tool for any situation.

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